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Title Sequence | 2016

The evolution of human civilization from 3000 BC to 2016 AD in 20 seconds


Knowledge Network approached Good Bad Habits to create a title sequence for Memphis- the segment of the Network that programs documentaries on human civilization, history and culture. As the title sequence was to play before every film that was a part of this curated collection, it had to lend itself to repeated viewing.

The focus was on human progress- how have we as a human race evolved over the past 5000 years? The everyday aspects of life- where we live, what we eat, how we communicate, what clothes we wear, the technology we use etc...


Animation Director: Kunal Sen

Creative Producer: Michael Proudfoot
Executive Producer: Murray Battle (Knowledge Network)




Greece Parthenon timelapse

Greece Parthenon timelapse

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403 Memphis still.jpg
Memphis process 01.png