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Ryerson University ELX

Explainer Video | 2017

Do you need a new skill?!

"You set the instruction level based on your specific needs, we connect you with the expert."


The Chang School’s Experiential Learning Exchange (ELX) at Ryerson University is a model of instruction that emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning and connects you with industry leaders in your field. With one-on-one coaching and interactive master classes, ELX helps you solve your real-world professional challenges and build specific, career-enhancing skills.

Each ELX coaching topic focuses on a specific, career-building skill and is structured around one-on-one coaching with an industry expert. You can break up your coaching hours and schedule them as you wish with your coach. Sometimes you may want to meet in person. At other times, you can connect over the phone or online. Together, you will work through a project – with the emphasis on learning by doing so you attain the specific skills that you need.

ELX master classes present insights and practical guidance offered by experts in various disciplines. Topics covered in master classes will give you the opportunity to explore emerging trends that are reshaping workplaces, technology, and society. Master classes include opportunities to network with the expert advisor and your classmates.



Design and Animation: Kunal Sen
Written by Joanna Tsanis
Additional Animation: Luke Smith
Produced by Good Bad Habits


The Chang School’s Experiential Learning Exchange

Ryerson University




Character Design: Janet

0420 Character Design Janet_v01_KS.jpg