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Explainer video | 2018

Binkabi is a blockchain-based solution for emerging markets around the world.

The Binkabi name and logo is inspired by the West African symbol Bi-Nka-Bi for peace and harmony.


"Binkabi's vision is to empower the commodity network to become fairer and more profitable through collaborative efforts leveraging blockchain technology.

Binkabi is being developed out of our my real-life experience of growing up in 1980s Vietnam, spending a career in high finance but eventually opting for growing foods in Africa for the last 6 years. If financial markets failed ordinary people in the developed world then the agricultural markets are failing ordinary farmers in the developing world. The only difference is that these farmers don't have a voice - it is a silent crisis. 

Binkabi starts with the segment of the international supply chain where we can make the quickest and highest impact - import and export of agrifood products.

We will develop a marketplace of end-buyer and end-sellers of commodities. This will help reduce intermediation in trade, distributing profit more widely in the value chain. It consists of a settlement system where buyers pay and sellers receive in their respective local currencies through Barter Block, a smart bartering mechanism. We will leverage blockchain technology to solve the trust issue in international trade, while keeping costs down for our members. 

Binkabi will power the tokenisation of agriculture commodities making them tradable on the blockchain. We will reimagine the agriculture supply chain towards fairer profit distribution for farmers and other players along the chain."

- Quan Le (Founder, CEO)


Design + Animation: Kunal Sen
Voice Over: Lauren Bercovitch
Music: Vinay Lobo
Produced by Good Bad Habits





Design Frames for farmers


Storyboards v1


Storyboards v2