is an Animation and Motion Design studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

Bon Appétit Bon Appetight


 A magical dance of flipping eggs, dicing peppers, twirling noodles, flickering fires and splashing oils!


'Bon Appetit Bon Appetight' is Tisha's 2nd year film at Emily Carr University, and is a direct result of the Experimental Animation and Sound Design courses offered there. Her process started by creating an 'audio script' for the piece using found sounds and samples, which she then used to create a set of magical loops that weave into one another.

'Bon Appetit Bon Appetight' has screened at the following festivals:
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2016
Holland International Animation Festival 2016
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2017
NW Animation Festival 2017


Sound Design and Animation: Tisha Deb Pillai