is an Animation and Motion Design studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

If You Fall


8 year old Lila takes on the daunting task of learning how to cycle,
as she faces an unfamiliar parental role-reversal at home.


'If You Fall' is based on Tisha's childhood experience of growing up in a home where her father was the primary caregiver and her mother was the primary breadwinner.

This arrangement was different from what she saw around her as a child back then, but she was always proud to belong to an unusually unorthodox home. Through the eyes of an innocent child, Tisha shows the challenges and advantages of such a role-reversal, and how the child gradually becomes aware of her family dynamics and complexities.

Just like the parents in their unconventional roles, the child has to overcome the unfamiliar. She keeps trying even when she falls, knowing that her family will always be there to pick her up.


Written, Produced and Directed by: Tisha Deb Pillai

Voice Actors:
Lila: Mandovi Ray Chaudhry
Baba: Sudhir Pillai
Mamma: Sutapa Deb
Miro: Neel Gupta Bhattacharya

Music Composition: Kunal Sen
Music Performance: Vinay Lobo