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Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army kidnapped Evelyn Amony when she was just 12 years old.

Kony raped her, and took her as one of his wives.


Eventually, Evelyn escaped. Stronghearted tells the first pivotal part of Evelyn’s story as she remembers it years later: the moment she comes face to face with Kony himself. The child regards this man—her kidnapper, her abuser. Facing impossible circumstances, Evelyn begins to wonder: Could he hold the key to her survival? 


Animation and Edit: Kunal Sen
Written and Directed by Jodie Martinson
Produced by Tracey Friesen (NFB)
Sound and Music by Raphael Choi
Voice of Juliane Okot Bitek


Stronghearted was nominated for a Leo Award in the Best Animation Program or Series category.

You can hear Martinson’s radio documentary 'To Have & To Hold' (23:13) on CBC’s The Current.
'To Have & To Hold'



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Jodie Martinson is an award-winning documentary filmmaker.


She was part of the team that produced Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground, about e-waste, which won her numerous awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine. She is a regular contributor to CBC Radio One. Most recently, she co-directed Cue the Muse, about the creative process, for CBC Television Vancouver. Her first feature, To the Tar Sands, made on a shoestring budget, screened at the Calgary International Film Festival and Vancouver’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival.

She hopes to make a feature-length documentary about Evelyn Amony’s life. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia.